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Websites make or break your company. Whether you need one, to begin with, or just need a new modernized look, we got you covered! At Intuico Digital, we can work with your website builders, or even give your business it’s own customized look. For more about this, see our process for web design below.

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the process


  • Detailed report on customers Website 
  • Identify areas of improvement 
  • Discuss plan of action 


  • Configure the Website 
  • Resize Images
  • SEO Implementation 


  • Discuss Website with client 
  • Fulfill any needs or changes 

A/B Testing

  • Use Variation Testing to optimize results
  • Assess users behavior to plan accordingly


Additional Information on web design

First impressions are everything, and professional web design can help build trust with potential customers so they can quickly see that you are serious about your business.
A professional and well-designed website will give you a first impression that will make you comfortable. To this end, working with a digital marketing agency that understands the business and can design your website can be very beneficial. This will convince you to visit your company and buy your products, and it should help you increase your revenue and attract new customers by strengthening your credibility and competence.
A website is the digital face of your business, and in the 21st century, Internet users have learned what it means to everyone. A strong website design is important to attract new customers, expand your brand name and overall it is one of the most important things a company can invest in.
If your current website is outdated, outdated or slow to load, working with a Digital Marketing Agency can help you get back on track. Those who are fed up with losing potential online customers should seriously consider this. Your business website can easily be taken lightly as it helps you to make a first impression with your customers.
In the age of the digital market, few things are as important as the design of websites, and you should make sure that you put your best foot forward in order to inspire the trust and confidence of customers and win them over to your business. If you want your companies to succeed in the digital world, you have to pay attention to their design from the start.
This is the first port of call that many customers have with your business, and you need to make sure that your website is attractive and user-friendly, which can boost or break your sales.
If you are considering setting up a website or updating your current website, here are some things you need to know. If your site must consist of many pages to navigate, it is advisable to create a menu with an intuitively labeled navigation bar. If navigating the site is user-friendly, it will make it easier for potential customers and customers to browse your site while looking for what they want or need.
Without an exceptional layout, your website will not attract the attention of the Internet, which is saturated with simple and cheap templates, as well as potential customers.
This is exactly why website design is so important to your digital marketing plan, which is why hiring a digital marketing agency is important.
If you think you need a new website, make sure you take the following factors into account when redesigning it. If you are not achieving the desired results and your website is not working effectively on most of these factors, it is worth considering a redesign.
A professional website has content that is easy to read and quick to load, and it should be attractive by using colors and images that match your brand while being pleasing to the eye. Discuss this with a digital marketing agency to ensure that any changes you make to your website have a positive impact.
The content on your website should be informative and help your visitors to better understand your products and services, as well as helping them to understand you and your product or service.
You also need to highlight relevant keywords that consumers can use to find your brand online. When attracting customers and customers, it is important to remember that the interactions they have with your business are reflected in the brand as a whole.
Graphic design can reflect how your brand does business, and ultimately how customers and potential customers see and feel you. Your website helps your visitors to get to know your ethos, approach, style and brand aesthetics, which is important for generating interest and engagement.
Ultimately, ensuring that your website design accurately reflects your company’s brand is critical to maintaining a balance between what your customers see and then expect, and what the company actually delivers.
“Judgements on a company’s credibility are 75% based on the company’s website design” – Standford Study
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