Top 5 Tips For Social Media Marketing

Top 5 Tips For Social Media Marketing

Social media has long been on the come up. The rise to popularity happened seemingly overnight and now billions are logged into their socials daily checking for the latest on friends, family, and people/places they follow. It’s more important that ever that you’re staying active on social media to grow and promote your brand. So how can you do that effectively?

1.) Consistent Posting

This seemingly obvious yet hardly followed rule is one that is always overlooked. “I didn’t post, but that can’t really hurt me” is one of the biggest misconceptions in marketing. Depending on your services and size of your business, it may be ideal that you’re posting once a week, or up to a few times¬†per day! This gives your customers the latest on your business with specials, offers, and keep your brand in their mind! Talk to us today about how our social media management can help grow your business!

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2.) Engaging Content

Posting one line of text bragging about your new fish sandwhich likely isn’t screaming “Like” to your customers! Keep your customers engaged with emoji’s, fun graphics, videos, and more!¬†

3.) Relevant Posts

Little Susie doesn’t care about your homemade apple pie, she just wants to buy your jewerly! Posting content that is irrelevant can result in instant “unfollow’s” and even lead to people quickly scrolling over your content the next time you post! It’s important you’re putting things that your customers want to see when they think of your brand in front of them!

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4.) Boosting Posts

Generally speaking, for full fledged ad campaigns you’re going to want to take advantage of Facebook business manager. However, for basic engagement and growing your following this can be achieved through boosting posts to targeted audiences. Making sure you’re targeting the right people, and setting up your boosted posts correctly is important to maximize your spend!

5.) Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great and easy way to show your target audience what you offer. This alone is not enough to garner a lot of attraction, though over time it can start to add up. Using relevant and trending hashtags are equally important in maintaining and growing your social media presence!

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Ready To Take Your Social Media To The Next LeveL?

At Intuico Digital, we offer many various packages to help create engaging content and grow your brand through social media. By doing this, you can rest assured knowing your socials are being handled while you spend your time in other areas of your business!